WVP International providing excellent services & assistance in filing my PR for

I thank WVP Intl. for providing excellent services and assistance in filing my PR for Australia. My process consultant Ms. Ashmeet Kaur has been very polite and co-operating throughout the whole journey and has shown enormous amount of dedication in getting my work done. I thank you all for your hard work. Keep it up guys!!!
I appreciate that. So far They have been very helpful and it doesn't seems to be a tough process at all with his help. He has a very professional approach of doing things, which is appreciated


  1. Hey can you give more information i have also got information that this consultant has 99.9 % rate of successful i am also looking to take service with them .can you plz let me know which country have you applied for.

    1. Dear Sir Thanks for showing interest, please send your updated CV first So that we can give you best option. Thank you


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